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A Guide to Responsible Gambling

As the popularity of betting in America grows and more betting sites launch in the US,
the topic of responsible gambling has never been so relevant.

While online sports betting is not yet legal in the Peach State, plans to legalize betting
are well and truly underway. However, with many other US states allowing Georgia
players to place wagers when inside their state lines, knowing how to gamble
responsibly is essential.

In this responsible gambling guide, we explore the most useful and effective responsible
betting tips and tactics, providing you with all the information you need to forge and
maintain a healthy relationship with online gambling

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is when a player has a hold on their gambling activities, bets
within their means and does not spend time and money they don’t have on betting
sessions. Those regarded as ‘responsible gamblers’ partake in gambling activities
without putting themselves or others at risk of harm.

Signs you are not gambling responsibly

There are many signs that will signal a gambling issue being formed; some obvious,
some not so obvious. Below, we cover some of the telltale signs that you are not
gambling in a responsible fashion:

● You are spending money you don’t have on gambling – Overspending on
gambling is one of the most obvious signs that you are losing control. If you are
finding that you are unable to settle your bills as a result of your gambling, it’s
time to take action.

● You are dedicating an increased amount of time to gambling: Whether it be
skipping social events or spending large amounts of your spare time on
gambling, filling your time with placing wagers is a dangerous move.

● Peers have noticed changes in your behavior – Have you noticed friends and
family members passing comment on the time and money you are spending on
gambling? If so, it may well be time to review your behaviors. More often than not
your peers will want to help and support you, so be sure to listen and take their
concerns on board.

● You return to gambling after losing money – Gambling is a fun pastime, not an
avenue to make money. Those that return to gambling after experiencing a loss
in a plea to make money have an unhealthy, dangerous relationship with

● You turn to gambling when stressed or upset – Using gambling as an outlet
can be a troublesome action that could inevitably end in your gambling spend
spiraling out of control.

● You have begun to lie about your gambling – Lying about your gambling and
concealing details about the money you’ve spent is a strong indication that you
have an issue that needs addressing.

● You are constantly seeking betting promotions and picks – Spending a great
deal of time searching the internet for free bets and betting picks could suggest
that you are becoming too concerned with gambling and are putting yourself at
risk of forming a gambling addiction.

Safe gambling tips and advice

Whether you are starting to worry about your gambling or simply want to be in control
from the offset, taking the below safe gambling tips on board will ensure you stay on
track and enjoy gambling for what it is; an enjoyable pastime!

● Introduce time and dollar limits – Introducing time and dollar limits is one of the
most effective ways to stay in control of your gambling. The majority of US
betting sites will allow you to place time and spending caps on your account,
essentially restricting your access to gambling products and services at your

● Educate yourself on your bets – Ensuring you are fully aware of the risks
involved in your wagers is essential. By conducting research and making yourself
aware of what you stand to lose and win, you will make sure you are entering
bets well-informed.

● Do not lend money to gamble with – Only gambling within your means is one of
the most useful pieces of gambling advice you will receive. For this reason,
lending money from others to gamble with is heavily discouraged. Lending
money will not only put pressure on you to win but inflict the added pressure of
repaying a friend, family member or whoever you have lent money from.

● Expect to lose – If you go into a betting session expecting to lose, you will not
feel the need to chase bets or face disappointment when losing money. By
treating the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment, you will naturally
stay within the parameters of responsible gambling.

● Time Out – Most US betting sites will offer players the option to take ‘Time Out’.
This is a facility that locks players out of their accounts for a selected period,
allowing them to regroup and stop irresponsible gambling sessions in their

● Self-Exclusion – If you have come to the decision that your gambling habits
have become so unhealthy that you need to shut off your access to gambling
sites, enforcing ‘Self Exclusion’ is advised. This is a tool that allows you to
introduce a blanket ban on gambling sites, taking away the temptation of
gambling altogether.

Gambling charities and organizations in Georgia

There are many organizations that have been formed with the sole purpose of
supporting gamblers. From charities operating around the clock helplines to online and
peer support groups, the options are extensive. Below are just a few of the main
organizations you can turn to if you need help with your gambling:

● Gamblers Anonymous
● Gam-Anon
● GamTalk

For more information and support with responsible gambling, visit the National Council
of Problem Gambling website –

This responsible gambling guide has been created by is
an online betting portal where US players can access the latest GA online sports
betting promotions, odds, picks and safe gambling advice. Users can also
register with legalized betting sites via this website.

Reserves Win! Advance to the Perrin Cup Quarterfinals

Reserves win!

After a relatively quiet first half that saw a lone goal from the Revs, the Reserves thundered away to an eventual 5-0 scoreline at the final whistle and explode through to the next round of the coveted Perrin Cup. With a man-of-the-match performance including a brace coming from Christian Duncan and single goals coming from Asa Eggleston, Bokie Yeanay and Preston Nobles, the Reserves had no shortage of talent on the day. The match saw a total of 4 assists on the stunning 5 goals, 2 from Rodrigo Alves, 1 from Cameron St. Prix Mitchell and 1 from aforementioned MOTM Christian Duncan capped off by a solo effort from Bokie Yeanay. The outstanding offensive contributions propelled the Reserves to a large result maintained by an unyielding performance from the backline across the entire defensive third.

Both the Reserves and 23s will be back in action against each other for the final ADASL D1 contest of the season this coming Sunday, December 19th, time TBA. #uptherevs

MOTM: Christian Duncan, 2 Goals 1 Assist

Georgia Revolution FC NPSL 2021 Players of the Year

It was an exciting summer for the Revs family.  Winning our first Southeast Conference Title and ending the regular season with an 8-1-1 record followed by two playoff victories.  This historic season was only possible through the hard work and dedication of the players and coaches.  Each year we vote for our Players of the Year and we’re proud to announce our 2021 NPSL Players of the Year as voted on by coaches, staff, media, and The Uprising.


MVP:  Oliver Peters

Ollie joined us this summer from Francis Marion University after an All Conference season for the Patriots.  Ollie was our rock in the midfield, dominating attackers as they attempted to break our lines and initiating explosive counter attacks once he gained possession of the ball.  He started every game this season providing a goal, an assist, and playing 1129 minutes.

Attacker of the Year:  Sagi Hirsch

Our Captain, Sagi Hirsch returned for his fourth season with the Revs.  The second most capped player in Revs history, he used his experience and skill to help the squad win the Conference Title.  He was selected for the second time in his career to the NPSL Southeast Conference 11 Team.  A free kick specialist, Sagi came in clutch several times this season scoring 4 goals and adding 6 assists, starting every game and playing 1091 minutes.

Defender of the Year:  Sam Pollard

Sam came to us along with teammates Ollie Peters and Oier Bernaola from Francis Marion University where he is the Team Captain, MVP, and All Region player.  Our Vice Captain, Sam is a leader on and off the field and spent the summer leading a strong defense that only allowed 10 goals in the regular season.  Sam started all 13 games, playing every minute and providing 2 assists.


Young Player of the Year:  Mason Tunbridge

Mason enjoyed a fantastic rookie season with the Revs.  The London native was part of the esteemed Tottenham Hotspurs Academy back home and made an appearance in the FA Cup at age 16.  Arriving to the club where expectations of his ability was high, Mason did not disappoint.  His size and creativity in the attack made him a handful for opposing defenders.  Playing in all 13 matches, Mason scored 1 goal and added 4 assists.

This season’s Players of the Year become part of a small and very accomplished group of players.

Past Winners:

2019 – MVP Toni Tiente, AOTY Jumar Oakley, DOTY Gianmaria Fiore, YPOTY Eduardo Gomes

2018 – MVP Isaac Promise, AOTY Ehjayson Henry, DOTY Jack Gurr, YPOTY Toni Tiente

2017 – MVP George Rodriguez, AOTY Sam Choi, DOTY Marcelle Francois, YPOTY Carson Oakes

2016- MVP Scott Redding, AOTY Jarrel Smalls, DOTY Adam McCabe, YPOTY Bjorn Kammholz

Seven More Players Added to the Revs NPSL

It’s exciting to see the number of extremely talented players the Revs have brought in for this summer.  Our final seven announcements will certainly add to the anticipation of opening day on May 1st.  Midfielders Rocky Guerra, Diego Milessi, Santiago Gimenez, and Miguel Vilas along with attackers Akinni James, James Williams and Ryan Carmichael.

Rocky Guerra is a creative midfield who is a 2019 Furman graduate where he made 74 appearance for the Paladins, scoring six goals and adding twenty assists. He played youth for GSA where he led the team to the Region III Championship.

“Rocky had a fantastic college career at Furman, and is proven at a high level. He will offer creativity from wide areas, and can also come inside to create problems. He will give the squad experience, and depth in a number of roles”. – Coach Ricky Davey


This is Diego Milessi’s first season with the Revs NPSL after spending time with the Reserves in 2019.  At GGC he’s made thirteen appearances, scoring one goal and adding an assist for the Grizzlies. He previously played for MOBA in USL2.

“Diego is experienced at the semi pro level, and is in a top environment at GGC. He moves well, and is tricky with a ball at his feet. A versatile player that will impact the squad and will give us selection problems from the start”. – Coach Ricky Davey


Santiago Gimenez joins the Revs after a stellar season at UNG where he played in ten games, scoring four goals and providing two assists.  Prior to UNG, he played for Cowley College, scoring thirteen goals with eleven assists and was an All Conference and All District selection.

“Santiago has USL2 & NPSL experience in Florida, and had a great first season at UNG. He has amassed a great amount of games in the US system for an international student, and is one that clearly loves the game. His enthusiasm is contagious”. – Coach Ricky Davey

Miguel Vilas is a first year Rev. The Gardner Webb senior also spent two years at Union University and has prior NPSL experience with Inter Nashville FC.

“Miguel is a skilled midfield player that will help give balance & creativity to the team. He will join a midfield group that is talented, gritty, and compliment those around him. We are excited to see what Miguel adds to the group” – Coach Ricky Davey




Akinni James is the reigning UPSL Golden Boot winner and Young Player of the Year.  In his rookie season he scored 24 goals in only sixteen games.  He’s played for the Atlanta United and Cincinnati FC Academies.

“Akinni is a fantastic all round striker. We’re excited to add a young player, with bags of potential to the summer group. The environment will expose him to a higher level of soccer on & off the field. He has a strong knack to find the back of the net, and has done it at a high level. Hopefully that continues”. – Coach Ricky Davey


James Williams joins us from Oglethorpe University. As a Freshman in 2019, James scored nine goals and added three assist for the Conference Champion Stormy Petrels. He played club at Atlanta Fire United (ENCL) and scored 43 goals for Peachtree Ridge HS.

“James will run through a brick wall for this team. Whether that be as a central striker, or a wide player, James will get it done. He’s explosive, raw, and will create opportunities for the team. Really excited to get working with James, and I know the team will love being around him”. – Coach Ricky Davey


Ryan Carmichael is joining the Revs for his first season after a great rookie campaign for Hofstra where he scored four goals in eight games. Back home in Northern Ireland, he made 20 appearances for Portadown FC in the NIFL Premiership.

“Ryan was the final piece we added to this puzzle. A player that can play directly as a 9, or play underneath the 9. He is a tall player that can hold the ball up or run in behind. Most importantly he knows where the goal is, and we hope to put him the right spots to make the most of that talent”

-Coach Ricky Davey

Attacking Duo Signed

Forwards Jackson Eskay and Geo Rios joining the Revs for 2021.

Jackson brings our squad a ton of experience to the squad.  He is a William and Mary graduate who was selected to the CAA All Conference Team, scored 17 goals and added 16 assists in 72 appearances for the Tribe.  While in college he spent his summers in the NPSL for FC Frederick and was selected to the 2015 NPSL East Region Team.  After spending two years with the Richmond Kickers in the USL Championship, he moved to Atlanta joining the ADASL powerhouse club Majestic SC and was spotted by Revs scouts.

Geo is having an enormous impact at Clayton State University.  The Lakers team captain, he was a 2019 All Conference player.  In his short career there, Geo has earning the captain’s band, making 29 appearances scoring 6 goals with 9 assists.  The Lawrenceville, GA native played his youth at Concorde Fire DA.

“Jackson is a seasoned professional after spending two seasons in USL. He will work tirelessly, and provide excellent back to goal hold up play. His experiences will be great for the younger players, and he is wanting to prove there are goals left in the tank”







“Geo brings assists and a goal threat to the squad this summer. If you look at the PBC conference since his time at Clayton State, he’s up there in terms of assists and wins. He’s the captain at Clayton, and will provide more leadership to this squad. A great addition.”

Jake Duncan-Smith and Josi Ortiz on the Squad

We’re happy to announce the addition of two very talented midfielders to our NPSL roster.  Jake Duncan-Smith joins us from Jacksonville University where he already has 17 appearances and a goal for the Dolphins.  As a youth player, he was a member of the Concorde Fire Developmental Academy.  A Hampton, GA native and graduate of Dutchtown High School, Jake adds to an impressive list of local players on the roster.

Josi Ortiz is a sophomore at Limestone University and making a huge impact.  A 2019 All Conference Carolina selection, Josi has played in 27 matches, scoring 8 goals and adding 4 assists.  The attack minded midfielder is from Buford, GA and also played for the Concorde Fire Developmental Academy.

“Jake is a technically gifted center midfield player who covers a lot of ground with his leggy body type. He is more defensive minded, but looks to switch the play when on the ball, and defensively will shut passing lanes down, and press with intensity when needed. Excited to work with Jake this summer”. – Coach Ricky Davey






“Josi is a talented young player coming through the ranks at Limestone. Coach Daniel Mohsen has a great relationship being an alumni, and was able to get Josi on board. He is a tricky wide player, with tons of energy and will give his all for the team. I’m excited to see Josi this summer, and see how he develops”. – Coach Ricky Davey

Atlanta United Academy Grads Miguel Gonzalez and Victor Delgedo Signed

We’re excited to announce our 8th and 9th Atlanta United Academy graduates to join the Revs this summer.  Along with previously announced goalkeepers Josh Hangi and Brant Zulauf, Miguel and Vic round out our class of 2020 Graduates and they are certain to impress this summer.  Miguel Gonzalez is a Snellville, GA native who made 45 appearance for the United.  His teammate Victor Delgado hails from Conyers, GA and played in 77 matches for the Academy.

“Miguel is a hungry, direct, attacking player. He likes to score goals, assist goals, and create opportunities in and around the box. His ball carrying ability, and combination play will offer great variety in the attacking third. He brings a different dimension to our attack.” – Coach Ricky Davey






“Vic is incredibly technical & and has a great understanding of the game. His awareness on the field is second to none, and speed of foot will help us in midfield and in wide areas this summer. A superb addition to the NPSL squad for 2021.” – Coach Ricky Davey

Hirsch, Gamarra, Arambruru and Rodriguez Return for 2021

We’re delighted to have this quartet return for the 2021 NPSL season. They all bring unique qualities and vast amounts of experience to the group.

Sagi Hirsch returns for his fourth season with the Revs.  Our 2018 Team Captain, Sagi is a natural leader and outstanding player who’s made 24 appearances, playing 2014 minutes on the backline.  The Ma’ayan tzvi, Israel native played for Georgia Gwinnett College where he was a two time All-Conference selection.

“Sagi is a high IQ, full throttle wingback that will get up and down all day long. His left foot holds great quality from open play, and dead ball situations. His experience will be invaluable to this squad.” – Coach Ricky Davey


Brahan Gamarra is back for his third season.  He’s played in eleven games for the Revs, scoring one goal.  Originally from Lima, Peru, Brahan is well known in Atlanta soccer circles.  As a college player he was a member of the 2015 National Champion Tyler College squad where he was an All American.

“Brahan is an incredible player, so silky on the ball and possesses the ability to unlock oppositions defenses. He will nourish the young talent in this group, while showcasing his own ability to a high level”. – Coach Ricky Davey


Ian Arambruru is back for his second season in the Red, White, and Blue.  Another Lima, Peru native, Ian played for Georgia Gwinnett College.  While at GGC, he played in 67 games and helped the squad win three Conference Championships.

“Ian offers experience and top quality at CB, and as a defensive minded midfielder. He comes with grit and toughness, as well as soft quick feet and a great understanding of the game. A top addition to the squad this summer.” – Coach Ricky Davey


George Rodriguez returns for his third season.  Our 2017 Player of the Year has made thirteen appearances for the Revs.  The Georgia State graduate played 34 matches for the Panthers.  George is a local youth soccer legend, playing for both Eagles Landing High School and Concorde Fire DA.

“George is a player I know well from his time at Georgia State. He is able to play in numerous positions across the back and midfield with top quality. He will lead on and off the field, and provide an experienced shoulder for the squad in the NPSL.” – Coach Ricky Davey

Alhaji Tambadu Returns to the Revs

Alhaji returns for his 3rd season with the Revs!  The Georgia Southern University senior midfielder made 59 appearances for the Eagles scoring five goals and adding an assist. He’s made nine NPSL appearances playing 355 minutes with one assist.  After moving from Sierra Leone to Clarkston, he played for the Atlanta United Academy where he was recognized with the 2016 Best Player Award.

“Alhaji brings years of high level experience to this group. From his days with the ATL UTD academy, to his time in college with Georgia Southern under Coach John Murphy. He has the ability to play in numerous roles with quality, and also the athleticism and skill to be a high level NPSL player. Buzzing to have Alhaji back in a Revs shirt for 2021” – Coach Ricky Davey

Open Tryouts to the NPSL: Alexis Iturria

After impressing the coaching staff at open tryouts, Midfielder Alexis Iturria has been invited to join the Revs this NPSL season.  The Lovejoy native is a true freshman and already making an impact at Clayton State where he has five appearances with a goal and two assists for the Lakers.  Prior to Clayton, he played for the Atlanta United Academy, the Regional Olympic Development Program, and was a first team All-Region player for Lovejoy High School where he scored 21 goals.

“We are delighted to add Alexis to the NPSL squad this season. He was a standout at the open tryouts, and brings exactly what the group needs in terms of his versatility, skill, and his determination. I think it says a lot that out of 40+ players he stood tall, and stood out in that environment. Can’t wait to see Alexis development through the summer months”. – Coach Ricky Davey