Q&A with Revs Reserves Midfielder Sam Morrison


SamThis week we interviewed Revs Reserves Midfielder Sam Morrison. He’s made 8 appearances while adding 2 assists so far this ADASL season. Sam also trained with the Revs Reserves over the summer of 2016 and has been invited to the closed tryouts for the senior team.

Q1: How much do you feel you’ve improved since playing with the Revs?

Since joining the Revs, every part of my game has improved; Mentally, physically, and tactically. Playing against adults is a different challenge than playing against players your own age.

Q2: Being the youngest player on the team, how happy are you to have made 8 appearances while adding 2 assists so far this season?

I hope to keep improving, but I’d like to think my age won’t effect my performance on the field. I’m also happy to have made an impact during the season and I’m hoping to get on the stat sheet more during the second half of the season.

Q3: How do you like playing with your older brother?

It’s fun in practice trying to meg him and prove I’m better each day. It is easy playing with him because we’ve played so much together growing up.

Q4: Which player did you enjoy watching most while growing up? And have they influence your style of play?

Steven G was my favorite player growing up and Liverpool is my favorite team. I think he has influenced my style of play a lot since we are both 8’s. I like the way he moves the ball around. His passing is ridiculous.

Q5: Why are you obsessed with Mac n Cheese?

Next question.

Q6: Anything else you’d like to say to everyone?

Thanks everyone for coming out to the games! And shout out to Sheena for being our number one fan!

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