Q&A with Revs Reserve Midfielder Roger Solano

This week we interviewed Revs Reserve Midfielder Roger Solano! He’s had a very strong season so far in the ADASL. Lets see what he thinks about the season!

December 22, 2016

rogerQ1: Having scored 4 goals and adding 2 assists in only 8 games this season with the Revs Reserves, how has your season been going so far?

Roger:  It has been an awesome first half of the season.  Playing midfield for the team, my goals are important.  For me scoring to help my team win is the most important thing.

Q2: In what ways are you looking to improve your game going into the second half of the season with the Revs Reserves?

Roger: What I’m looking to improve this Spring is giving more than in the first half of the season, give more assists and of course keep scoring goals.

Q3: How do you feel the Revs Reserves have prepared you for the senior team tryouts and how do you feel about being invited back for the next round of tryouts?

Roger: The whole team helped me so much this season to become better every game.  Thanks to [Coach] Scott for being one of the most influential people in that.  I feel excited because this is an opportunity in my soccer career.  I’m going to give my all to being part of the senior team.  That for sure is my main objective for next year.  It’s going to be hard because there’s a lot of high quality players, but I’m pretty sure that I can be part of this important team.

Q4: Since moving from Venezuela, how does soccer here compare to there?

Roger: Obviously it is a completely different type of soccer, over here is more tactical.  I have to adjust my style of play, but always keeping my soccer natural.  The Latin Way of Soccer, trying to always have fun playing the beautiful game.

Q5: Who was your favorite player growing up and why?

Roger: I grew up watching, I think, the best players in soccer.  I grew up admiring and trying to play like Ronaldinho.  I think that his game was stylish, there’s no one like him.  The way he thinks every second in the game so fast and doing those stuff like no look pass, his touch, the simple, and the class to play soccer, that’s exclusive.  The thing I liked most about watching him play was that it didn’t matter which team you support, you just wanted to see him playing “joga bonito,” simply Ronaldinho.

Anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Roger: Haha 1…2…3 Revs!!!!

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