Q&A with Revs Forward Tristen Mathis

December 29, 2016

tristanThis week we interviewed Revs Reserve Forward Tristen Mathis! So far this season he has made 6 appearances and has added 1 goal.

Q1: Since you made it to the next round of tryouts for the NPSL team, how do you feel the Reserve team has prepared you?

Tristen: Every player in the reserve team is great. Playing with them the past few months has really helped me improve my game and helped me be ready for the first tryout. Everyone is really helpful at making each other better and I’ve got the whole team and staff to thank.

Q2: What had been your favorite moment playing for the Revs Reserves so far?

Tristen: Definitely not my red card! Every practice and match day has been great. So I would have to say the first match and scoring my first goal would have to be my favorite moment.

Q3: What is your target for goals during the second half of the season?

Tristen: Being a forward I want to score as many goals as possible. Sitting at only 1 right now isn’t good enough. Hopefully I can find good form and hit at double digits. So 10 I suppose.

Q4: Who is the funniest person on the team?

Tristen: Ahh that’s a good question. Everyone has a good sense of humor and we always have a good laugh when we are all together. If I had to just pick one guy that was the funniest I’d have to say Marc.

Q5: In detail, describe your perfect meal?

Tristen: Another hard question. I love food and my favorite food is pizza so I suppose just a lot of pizza, lemonade, and pie. Who doesn’t like pie?

Q6: Any final words for the fans?

Tristen:  A huge thanks to all the fans that show up and support the team. I know everyone really appreciates seeing them all there. So keep showing us love and we will do our best to keep winning matches.

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