SCPL Rules and Information

Southern Crescent Premier League Rules & Information

Registration & Fees

-To register as a team, one individual from each team (the team manager) will go to the SCPL tab on the Georgia Revolution website and register as a team. This individual will be responsible for paying the initial deposit as well as collecting and turning in all league fees for their team by the payment deadline.

-To register as an individual player, go to the SCPL tab on the Georgia Revolution website and register as a free agent. All free agents will be assigned a team and if too many sign up, a free agent team will be created.

-To confirm a team’s spot in an upcoming league, a deposit of at least $300 is required a week before the first game.

-The remaining money must be paid before kickoff of the first game with a late fee of $30 applied if fees are not completely paid on time.

-All remaining fees, including late fees must be paid before kickoff of the second weeks game.

-Teams can pay league fees with card online or with card/cash at the league facility.


-Any team that pays in full a week before the first game will receive a $50 discount on league fees.

-Any team that includes a current member of the Georgia Revolution will receive a $50 discount on league fees. (limit 1 per team)

-Any team that refers a new team to the league will receive a one time $50 discount on league fees. (notification of referral must be sent to the league administrator)

-Any team leaving another league to join the SCPL will receive a $50 discount for their first season.


-All roster can have a maximum of 12 players.

-Rosters can consist of men or women ages 18 and over.

-Only players listed on the team’s online roster are eligible to play. Teams using ineligible players will receive a warning with repeat offenders forfeiting the match.

-For league standings, win=3 points, tie=1 point, loss=0 points

-Tiebreakers for teams tied in the standings go as followed: Goal difference, head to head, goals for.

-All teams are guaranteed 9 games per season unless there is a forfeit.

-All cancelled games will be rescheduled for a later date. If enough games get cancelled in a single season, 2 games may be scheduled on the same day.

-If a game reaches halftime and is ended for any reason by the referee or the league administrator, the game will not be rescheduled and the score during the time of cancelation will count as the final score.


-The SCPL has a zero-tolerance policy for fighting. Anyone directly involved in a fight will receive a 3-game suspension. Anyone involved in more than 1 fight in a calendar year will be banned from all SCPL activities.

-Anyone using racist or abusive language will receive a 3-game suspension. A player involved in second offense in a calendar year will be banned from all SCPL activities.

-Referee abuse will result in a 1 game suspension. Referee abuse is defined as any physical contact with a ref or any verbal abuse of a ref.

-2 yellow cards in one game will result in a single game suspension. A straight red will result in a 1-game suspension.

-No refunds are given to anyone who receives a suspension.

-Suspension appeals must be sent to the league administrator via email.

Team Rules

-Teams will provide their own kits. Teams must coordinate what color they are planning to wear. If two teams are wearing the same color, pennies will be provided.

-Teams are responsible for cleaning up after every game.

-Any team that does not show up to a match will have to forfeit resulting in a 3-0 loss. The game will not be rescheduled.

-Any team that forfeits more than 2 games in a single season will be banned for 1 full season.


-A size 5 ball will be provided for every SCPL game.

-Shin guards are mandatory for every player.

-No metal studs are allowed during games.

Game Rules

-Games will consist of two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute break for halftime.

-Teams need a minimum of 5 players to start the game. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players to start will get a 10-minute grace period before forfeiting.

-No slide tackling is allowed except for the goalkeeper inside the box. A slide tackle will result in a warning and a free kick. A second slide tackle from the same player will result in a yellow card.

-No punting is allowed.

-All subs must be made during dead balls and the player subbing on has to be at or near half field.

-Refs only need to be notified of substitutions involving goalkeepers.

-No kick-ins are allowed. Players must throw the ball in.

-All free kicks are direct. The opposing team must stand 5 yards away from the free kick upon request.

-All other FIFA rules apply.