Revs GK Carson Oakes: From Open Tryouts to the NPSL Showcase

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Hey Carson! Congratulations on being selected to represent the South Region During the 2018 NPSL Player Scowcase! How excited are you for being selected and what are your expectations for the showcase?

First I would like to thank the Georgia Revolution for nominating me and presenting me with this opportunity. It is truly an honor to represent the club at this national event. I am extremely excited for the weekend, and have been training for a long time for a chance like this. My expectations are to play my best and take advantage of the event to the best of my ability. The entire showcase is filled with talent from all over and I am eager to get on the field with this caliber of players. The coaches at the event are full of experience and I am looking to absorb as much knowledge and skill from them as possible. The South Region team looks to be full of top-quality players, and I personally believe a Championship at the Showcase is attainable and on it’s way!

You went from Open Tryouts last year to being recognized as one of the top goalkeepers in the NPSL. How was your open tryout experience? And what advice would you give to other players trying out?

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My open tryout experience was fantastic, but not without nerves. The Georgia Revolution was the only team I tried out for in the summer, so all of my eggs were in one basket you could say. I saw the level of colleges and past clubs the other Goalkeepers and players were on so I immediately knew what was going to be demanded of me on the field. My best advice would be to just have confidence and play with as much self-belief as possible. You likely have been playing the game and your position for a long time, so there is no need to over think anything, just put in more effort than the rest of the guys with numbers clipped to their legs and you’re off to a great start.
We also saw that you had a great season with Berry College this year, culminating in your selection to the All Conference Team! How did last season with the Revs impact your college performances?
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Playing for the Revolution helped me immensely in preparation for my Junior Year here at Berry College. The training sessions alone were beneficial because of the level of all the players and the coaching staff. Then getting to play 90 minutes throughout the season was outstanding for my development. Each game is competitive and full of chances to prove yourself, so I just carried that mindset to the Fall for my school. I was able to keep sharp through the summer in an ambitious environment, and this ultimately carried over to my position for the Vikings.
With the 2018 NPSL Season around the corner, what are your expectations for this season and how are your preparing yourself for the year?
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With this season coming up I plan to make steady gains in my goalkeeper development and be a leader for the team. I have been and will continue to train just about everyday in the Winter and Spring, with a focus on bettering myself in my weak areas and fine-tuning the details that already make me an asset on the field. I realize at an age of 21, that I am in a pivotal stage in my athletic development, and that I am either getting better or worse. There is no in between.
Thank you for the Interview! Good Luck in Orlando at the showcase! Anything else you’d like to say to our amazing fans?
fans2I would just like to thank the club of the Georgia Revolution again for everything, I never expected to have gone this far from my first season in the Semi-Pro tier. For the Uprising and the rest of our fans, I would like to say thank you, for being there every step of the way. I aim to represent us well in Orlando! Go Revs!

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