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Reserves Promoted to Senior Team!

In our first wave of signings we’re proud to announce the promotion of four Revs Reserves to the Senior team for the 2018 NPSL Season!

“All of these players have been crucial to the Revs Reserves successful ADASL campaign and I’m certain they will have an impact in the NPSL.  This season we’ve promoted four players to a very strong NPSL roster with a few more we are looking at who may be promoted soon.  The purpose of the Reserves is to identify and develop players with the potential of joining our NPSL team.  By adding the U23 Team this ADASL season, we have over 40 adult players training and playing year-round with the Club.  Coupling this growth and consistent professional training, I’m sure we will continue to promote more players in future.” -Eric Morrison, General Manager.

Rodrigo Golcalves: Prior to joining the Revs Reserves, Rodrigo began his career playing for the Botafogo U-19 Academy team. During his time with Botafoga, he played in the prestigious Dana Cup and Gothia Cup. This led to him signing to play collegiality for USC Aiken from 2013-2016. With USC Aiken he helped the team reach the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history. Rodrigo also brings prior NPSL experience, having played for Seacoast United Phantoms in 2015.

So far in the current ADASL season, Rodrigo has scored 9 goals while leading the team with 16 assists in just 15 appearances.

Akiel Williams: Before joining the Revs, AK played in the systems of both Reno FC(2003-2007) and Harbour View FC(2007-2009) in his native Jamaica. After making a move to the US, he played collegiality for WVU Tech from 2009-2013. In the ADASL, AK played for Vahi FC(2015-2016) and Sting Gold FC(2016-2017) prior to moving to the Revs Reserves for the 2017-2018 season.

AK has been a key member and leader for the backline this season for the reserves. He has appeared in 14 games and added 1 goal so far this season.

Chris Jackson: Chris played for Centre College (NCAA DIII) from 2008-11. There he started 40 matches as a goalkeeper and kept 18 clean sheets.  He was twice named conference player of the week and in 2011 named to the All-SCAC team.  In addition to his career at Centre College, Jackson has represented Kolping United SC (Cincinnati), 1790 Cincinnati, United FC (Dayton), and the Universite de Strasbourg Football Club (France).

With the Revs Reserves, Chris has made 16 appearances while posting 69 saves and 3 clean sheets. In addition to playing for the NPSL team this season, Chris will be serving as goalkeeper coach! Find Chris’ and the rest of the coaching staff’s bios here.

Clayton Adams: Clay played one year of high school soccer at Spring Grove Area High School in Spring Grove Pennsylvania. He then played 3 years of youth club soccer at CGSA in Warner Robins, Ga. In 2014, he played for the Revs Super-Y team.

Clay has made an immediate impact in the ADASL for the reserves after signing late into the season. In just 6 appearances, he has scored 5 goals and added 4 assists. Clay is a great example of local talent that our Revs Reserve program is all about.



Revs Launch E-Sports FIFA 18 Team

Georgia Revolution FC have launched an official ‘Pro Clubs’ side on FIFA 18 (Playstation 4)! The Revs are the second team from the NPSL to collaborate with Virtual Pro Gaming forming Georgia Revolution eSports. Georgia Revolution joins clubs Grand Rapids FC, Fleetwood Town, Port Vale and QPR in the VPG. The new eSports team will be holding online trials on Wednesday April 4th @9:00pm ET. Trials will be streamed live on our eSports Facebook page. If you are interested in playing for Georgia Revolutions eSports head on over to our Facebook eSports page ( ) message us with you name, Playstation username, and your first and secondary position. Once the 18 player roster is complete, the inaugural season for Georgia Revolution eSports is set to begin May 7th, 2018.

New Stadium Announcement!

Georgia Revolution FC will begin their 2018 NPSL season at Henry County HS Warhawks Stadium! Our fans will now be within walking distance of McDonough Square, where they’ll be able to enjoy time before and after games at the many restaurants and stores McDonough has to offer. Our new home currently has a capacity of 3300.

“This is a very exciting new chapter for Georgia Revolution FC! The team is entering its eighth season in the NPSL and for the first time we’re playing at a stadium. With its location in Downtown McDonough, fans will have a more entertaining game day experience and the Revs can contribute to the continued growth of this beautiful town.  Add to that new Head Coach Steo Magennis, a revamped roster and live-streaming of all home games, soccer fans are in for a treat this season.” General Manager, Eric Morrison.

Stadium Address: 401 E. Tomlinson St, McDonough, GA 30253

Season Tickets are available now! Click Here



Final Open Tryouts!


Are your ready to take your game to the next level? Tryout for the GA Revs NPSL Team!  Bring your boots, shin guards and skill to Open Tryout #3.  All tryout participants get a Revs Training Jersey and free entry to our NPSL Home Opener. Register

Adam McCabe Signs for His Third Season!

Welcome back to the Revs Adam!

Q1: You’ve been with us now for a couple years including being named Revs Defender of the year in 2016. What made you decide to re-sign with the Revs for the 2018 NPSL season?

Adam: I decided to come back this year because I wanted to continue to play at this level. I really sympathize with the Revs’ mission, their vision for growing the club, and what they stand for. I enjoyed the season last year even though it wasn’t our best. I still think I have a lot to give, and I think the Revolution is the perfect place for me to pursue soccer and to continue to play at a high level.

Q2: For our new fans, could you give us a brief history of where you used to play professionally before joining the Revs?

Adam: So when I was 19 I went to England and joined the RIASA Academy. With this academy I was playing in and out of Bradford City’s Reserve and U-23 program. From there I moved to Thailand. I played over there for 6 months for a team in Bangkok and then moved to Slovakia for another half a year to play with a team in a very small city outside of Bratislava before moving back to Atlanta in 2015. I then joined the Revs for my first season in 2016.

Q3: As one of the first former professional soccer players to come out as openly gay, how has that impacted your life?

Adam: So part of the reason I came home when I was overseas playing professionally was because I needed to work on myself. I felt like I was in this space where I didn’t really know who I was. I was not really happy with my life because I wasn’t really being honest and open with myself and my teammates. So once I came back to Atlanta I kind of took a break from soccer and just focused on myself and my mental health. After I came out to my family and friends, I regained this passion and love for soccer. Everyone’s journey of coming out is different. It’s a very freeing and spiritual journey. I’m definitely a much different person now than I was if you had met me overseas. I was much more reserved, closed off, and secretive. It’s made me be able to flourish and really appreciate and love the game again. I had quit playing because I hated the game, but it’s because I hated myself. Now that I’ve accepted myself and this platform that I have, I’m really thriving in it and I’m really enjoying it. For me, it’s just knowing that there’s a lot of other kids out there like me. They don’t see somebody like me on television, so they don’t think they could be a soccer player at whatever level, whether it be NPSL, MLS, or the EPL. They’re always thinking they can’t do it because there’s nobody out there like them. I can help bring visibility to this community and to this sport, and that’s always going to be a win and accomplishment for me.

Q4: There’s been many changes this off-season for the Revs. How excited are you to be working with the new coaching staff, and what are your expectations for the coming season?

Adam: So what I’ve seen so far from Coach Steo is that he’s very motivated and brings a lot of energy. As a player, that’s exactly what you want from your manager or coach, someone who is going to motivate you and make you want to do better and play better. For me, Steo is a great addition. All of the tangibles and intangibles he’ll bring to the team, with his experience in the NPSL, his coaching staff, and even just his knowledge of the game, will be great for us. It’s always good to get a new perspective, have a different coach come in, and I think with Steo, he’s always coaching at or near this level constantly. I think he knows how to win and knows what it takes to win in the NPSL. That’s a culture that we need. For the upcoming season I’m definitely excited, and I don’t think there’s any reason we shouldn’t make the playoffs. I think last year there was a result here, result there, and I think that very small results could have changed the season as a whole. I think that if we can just stay motivated and have a renewed energy for this year that this season will be much more positive. I think Steo as the manager will definitely be the leading charge in that.

Q5: What’s your favorite part about being a Rev?

I love being able to play this game, and I want to be able to play as long as I can. Georgia Revolution gives me that opportunity, and I’m going to continue to play until I’m not good enough or I’m too old. I think. for me, I just love the community around this team. I love the vision, the ownership, it’s really great people that I’m working with and playing for, and even the community we’ve built around this team. It makes me really want to do good and play for this club. I think what Eric and Alec and everyone else in the organization is doing is fantastic. I think this is the development of soccer in America, and if we want to get better, it’s clubs like Georgia Revolution that are leading the way in trying to improve soccer. I just want to be a part of that experience and play for as long as I can at the highest level possible.



Bethel Tesfaye signs with Georgia Revolution FC for the upcoming 2018 NPSL season!


Bethel Tesfaye signs with Georgia Revolution FC for the upcoming 2018 NPSL season. Get to know more about Bethel in our short Q&A.

Q1: Welcome to the Revs! We’re very excited to have you be a part of the team. You’re a player with a lot of experience, where have you played in the past?

Bethel: I have played for FC Fredrick, Capital City FC, and Barra Brava; Primarily coached and occasionally trained with D.C. United U23s, FC Maryland, Was on trial & Trained with Atlanta Silverbacks Pro team and NPSL team, and trained with New York Red Bull’s Academy.

Q2: This is your first year with the Revs, what are some of the reasons you decided to join the team?

Bethel: After coach Steo reached out via phone call, I really appreciated his passion/professionalism and vision for the club in creating a truly professional culture. The Revs have an amazing fan base and I really enjoy building and engaging with the community. Lastly I believe that the Revs have a lot to prove to the community as well as the city of Atlanta as the number one NPSL team in the city, but also nationally; & I love challenges so all of these factors made it an easy decision for me.

Q3:  What are your expectations for yourself this coming season?

Bethel: To lead the Revs to an undefeated season, win all titles/trophies & truly serve the community and show the power of unity in sport & life. I expect myself to be able to grow in even more experience, patience, love and understanding! Overall become a better person than when I first came in.

Q4: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where are you from? What are some of your hobbies? And other then playing for the Revs, what else do you do?

Bethel: I am a 22 year old signed Fashion Model, Radio Producer, Soccer Coach Entrepreneur & Christ Believer. I was born in PG county Maryland, to Ethiopian parents Tesfaye & Senait! I have 2 brothers Israel Tesfaye being the eldest & Milkeyas  the youngest. My hobbies truly consist of serving others and making people happy through cooking, playing soccer, hosting events, attending church groups, mentoring & so much more!!

Q5: Thanks so much for the interview! Anything else you’d like to say to our fans?

Bethel: Thank You All for showing your love and support so far. I want to make sure that if there is anything that I can do from appearances, volunteering or any aspect of building our Revs family a lot closer, I would be more than happy to. I promise to give my all day in & day out on and off the field.

Go Revs ‼️


Final Open Tryout of 2018! Register



Revs GK Carson Oakes: From Open Tryouts to the NPSL Showcase

Picture Combo 1

Hey Carson! Congratulations on being selected to represent the South Region During the 2018 NPSL Player Scowcase! How excited are you for being selected and what are your expectations for the showcase?

First I would like to thank the Georgia Revolution for nominating me and presenting me with this opportunity. It is truly an honor to represent the club at this national event. I am extremely excited for the weekend, and have been training for a long time for a chance like this. My expectations are to play my best and take advantage of the event to the best of my ability. The entire showcase is filled with talent from all over and I am eager to get on the field with this caliber of players. The coaches at the event are full of experience and I am looking to absorb as much knowledge and skill from them as possible. The South Region team looks to be full of top-quality players, and I personally believe a Championship at the Showcase is attainable and on it’s way!

You went from Open Tryouts last year to being recognized as one of the top goalkeepers in the NPSL. How was your open tryout experience? And what advice would you give to other players trying out?

image1 (6)

My open tryout experience was fantastic, but not without nerves. The Georgia Revolution was the only team I tried out for in the summer, so all of my eggs were in one basket you could say. I saw the level of colleges and past clubs the other Goalkeepers and players were on so I immediately knew what was going to be demanded of me on the field. My best advice would be to just have confidence and play with as much self-belief as possible. You likely have been playing the game and your position for a long time, so there is no need to over think anything, just put in more effort than the rest of the guys with numbers clipped to their legs and you’re off to a great start.
We also saw that you had a great season with Berry College this year, culminating in your selection to the All Conference Team! How did last season with the Revs impact your college performances?
Carson Berry 2
Playing for the Revolution helped me immensely in preparation for my Junior Year here at Berry College. The training sessions alone were beneficial because of the level of all the players and the coaching staff. Then getting to play 90 minutes throughout the season was outstanding for my development. Each game is competitive and full of chances to prove yourself, so I just carried that mindset to the Fall for my school. I was able to keep sharp through the summer in an ambitious environment, and this ultimately carried over to my position for the Vikings.
With the 2018 NPSL Season around the corner, what are your expectations for this season and how are your preparing yourself for the year?
Revs V CFC 1
With this season coming up I plan to make steady gains in my goalkeeper development and be a leader for the team. I have been and will continue to train just about everyday in the Winter and Spring, with a focus on bettering myself in my weak areas and fine-tuning the details that already make me an asset on the field. I realize at an age of 21, that I am in a pivotal stage in my athletic development, and that I am either getting better or worse. There is no in between.
Thank you for the Interview! Good Luck in Orlando at the showcase! Anything else you’d like to say to our amazing fans?
fans2I would just like to thank the club of the Georgia Revolution again for everything, I never expected to have gone this far from my first season in the Semi-Pro tier. For the Uprising and the rest of our fans, I would like to say thank you, for being there every step of the way. I aim to represent us well in Orlando! Go Revs!

Open Tryouts for Revs 2018 NPSL Season

Tryout Flyer

Would you like to play for the Georgia Revolution FC in the NPSL this season?  Here’s your chance.

Free Training Jersey provided to each player.

WHAT:  Open Tryout #1 for the Georgia Revolution FC.

WHEN:  Saturday, Jan 13th at 1:00 PM.  Arrive 30 minutes early to register.

WHERE:  N. Mt. Carmel Soccer Complex, 307 N Mt Carmel Rd, Hampton, GA 30228

WHO: Any Player 16 and older.  Under 18 must be accompanied by parent of guardian.

BRING TO TRYOUTS:  Cleats, Shin Guards, Water.  Photo identification is required.

OTHER INFORMATION:  The NSPL season is from May – Jul.  Training will begin in mid-April for non-college players.  College players are expected to arrive once they complete the Spring Semester.

COST:  Tryout fee is $50 online or $60 walk on.  Online registration closes at 10 PM on Friday 12 Jan.

HOW:  Register in our fan shop here:

GA Revs VS CFC Match Preview


Kickoff for today’s game is 7:30pm at N. Mt. Carmel Park in Hampton, Georgia!


Chattanooga FC and Georgia Revolution FC have played many times in their history, but this will be the first time that the two teams meet in the Revs new home of Henry County. We’ll take a look at how each team has performed so far this season and we’ll hear from Revs defenders, Carl Adjaho and Jalani Landburg on their thoughts leading up to the game.

Chattanooga is coming off a 2-0 win over Chivas U-23 and currently have a record of 0-2-0 (W-D-L) in NPSL Southeast Conference action. Their draws came against Memphis City FC and the New Orleans Jesters. They have only scored 1 goal so far this NPSL season, but with 2 goals against Chivas, the Chattanooga offense will be looking to add to that tally.

Coming off a midweek 4-1 friendly win over Savannah Clovers FC, the Revs will be looking to carry their momentum over into the game this Saturday against Chattanooga FC. The Revs currently have a 0-1-3 record in Southeast Conference play. They will be looking to turn their season around with a strong performance by the defense and an attack that has added more weapons. The Revs have added 2 new players in Alex Capo and Cameron Moseley, both will be expected to contribute this season. Alex Capo is a centerback for NCAA Division 1 program Cornell University, and Cameron Moseley is a forward from NCAA Division 1 program Duke University.

We spoke to Defenders Carl Adjaho and Jalani Landburg this week leading up to the game. This is what Carl had to say, “We’ve had a tough and unlucky beginning to the season which has really caught us off guard… We’re looking forward to coming back with a vengeance starting with Chattanooga this weekend.”  Jalani was asked, what are your expectations for the team this weekend against CFC. His response, “It’s all or nothing. Only we can control how we perform, not them.”

Former Rev playing Down Under

When the founder of the Atlanta United FC Supporters Group in Sydney, Australia – Nick Puñal – read an earlier Facebook post by Georgia Revolution FC regarding one of their ex-players that were now plying their trade in Australia he was curious to see where they had ended up.

To his surprise it wasn’t Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or even Perth but a regional city in his own state of New South Wales.

 Chinedu Arinze, who played for the GA Revs, decided to opt for an adventure Down Under and made the trek from Georgia to Wagga Wagga to play for the City’s main team, Wagga City Wanderers FC. Chinedu was also accompanied by Alex Millour who was invited to train with the Revs before finding an opportunity in Australia as well.

Chin Nick Alex

At first Nick thought it would be next to impossible to meet them as Wagga Wagga is a five hour drive South West of Sydney, but after exchanging a few DMs with Club Director Brendan Flanagan he found out that the Black and White outfit actually compete in a Sydney League with the majority of away games being played in the Sydney suburbs of Blacktown and Miranda.

After lunch on Saturday May 27 Nick drove one hour south to Miranda and met up with Brendan, gaining some general insights into the running of the Club, their current stadium and the NSW State League, but after waiting 30 minutes he realised he would have to go and search for the ATLiens (their particular match didn’t start until 7pm!). A volunteer from the U20 squad offered to search with him and within the space of a few minutes both Chinedu and Alex were found in the Shopping mall!

Nick asked Chinedu “whose idea was this?” and the finger was quickly pointed at Alex! “I told him to get over here and check it out” Alex said jokingly. The conversation was easy going as Nick was interested in the stories and background of both players. Asking whether they were thinking of staying for a 2nd season… “That depends on the Club” said Chinedu, to which the 9 or 10 Wagga players granted him an automatic – albeit unofficial – contract extension!


It was clear from the interaction between Alex, Chinedu, the players and the Club, that all are enjoying the international flavour in the team and this relaxed atmosphere is making it a mutually beneficial learning experience, an experience which will stand the Wagga City Wanderers Men’s team in good stead for the future.

By Nick ‘Atlanta’ Puñal

You can follow ATLUTDSydney on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.